YG Did Not Deny G-Dragon's Dating Rumor with Jooyeon, Netizen Said It Means They Are Dating
Korean netizens gave their response regarding rumors of G-Dragon's relationship and After School's former member, Jooyeon. As mentioned earlier, YG Entertainment refused to give a statement and said that the news of the relationship was G-Dragon's personal affair.

Unlike when G-Dragon was rumored dating Sulli, YG Entertainment directly raised the voice and denied the news of their relationship.

Seeing YG Entertainment's response to G-Dragon's dating rumor with Jooyeon, netizens assumed that the two were on a date. As their comments on Nate's website,

"If YG can not claim to comment because it's a personal matter, it means they're dating,"

"When the rumor is true, YG never justify it, whether they do not comment or say that it's a personal matter artist. If the rumors were not true, they would argue aloud. Like a dating rumor involving Jennie some time ago,"

"Then this is alike to justifying their relationship"

"When G-Dragon reportedly dated Sulli, YG immediately denied it. Seeing that they do not deny this news, their relationship is true. G-Dragon is not a kid either, I hope they are happy,"

"Why YG confirms Taeyang's relationship but G-Dragon never"

"Jooyeon got a good catch. While UEE gets Kangnam, hahaha," and many other comments. (www.onkpop.com)

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