Considered Problematic, Netizens Ask Siwon and Kangin Leave Super Junior
Netizens givet their opinion about the two Super Junior members, Siwon and Kangin to leave the group. Super Junior has recently appeared on television to promote their latest album 'PLAY'.

Due to the controversy, Siwon finally absent from promotion and vacuum for a while. It make Super Junior must do promotion with a total of six members.

When present in the program 'Weekly Idol', Jung Hyung Don asked, "All the members are here right?" Which was answered by Leeteuk, "Only half of the total members. As time passes, it's harder for us to count the number of members. "

In response to Super Junior's claim, Korean netizens even wanted Siwon and Kangin to out from the group immediately. As the comments seen on Nate's website,

"It would be very difficult for them to come up with a full member, especially with the Siwon and Kangin issues that deserve to be imprisoned,"

"Siwon must be excluded from Super Junior forever,"

"Not only Siwon, they also have Kangin, hahaha,"

"So have they killed the killer dog?"

"Siwon really makes me sick. So many dog ​​owners have to suffer for it, while he casually shows his face in the drama, "

"I do not want to see Siwon anywhere, nor with Super Junior. Is not he indirectly a murderer? " netizen criticized. (

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