This Fantastic Salary Received by Wanna One Members After Debut
Wanna One members have earned their first salary since their debut in the music industry. Wanna One is a boy group made by 'Produce 101' which officially debut in August under YMC Entertainment.

After several months of debut, members end up receiving their first salary. Reportedly each member gets a total salary of 150 million Won.

The salary has not been shared with each agency, according to the contract they have. Unlike other members, Kim Jae Hwan who still does not have an agency can enjoy all the salary he gets.

If it is declared, Wanna One members make a profit of 3.3 billion Won after being cut by CJ E & M and YMC Entertainment, as the company that created the 'Produce 101' program and the sheltering agency.

But this salary has not included the sale of their debut album. Given the album sold in large numbers, we can be sure Wanna One members get a bigger profit from the numbers already mentioned.

While Wanna One has just recently held their comeback with a song titled 'Beautiful'. (

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