Seohyun Write Messages To Fans After Leave SM Entertainment
Seohyun for the first time wrote a message for post-fans leaving SM Entertainment agency. The message was uploaded through his personal Instagram account, on Nov. 3 yesterday, a few days after being rumored to be setting up his own agency.

She wrote, "To the fans I love. To the fans who have been in our side and protect us for a long time. Hello, this is Seohyun from SNSD. I'm very sorry to have made fans confused and worried about the unexpected news recently. "

"I want to vent my emotions, but I do not want to make mistakes so I write this after thinking and thinking again. Recently, I ended my relationship with SM Entertainment which has become my home and family. After much deliberation, I finally made a difficult decision. My heart is filled with gratitude to the teacher Lee Soo Man, who has given an opportunity to the usual 12-year-old girl to live a new life as Seohyun from SNSD. "

"I also met valuable people and SONEs I could rely on, and all the memories we cried and laughed for 10 years, passed like kaleidoscopes. From my time as a trainee who has to go through tough competition to fulfill the dream of being a singer until the moment I debut as SNSD like destiny, from adolescence to the late 20s, we are always together. Happy and wonderful countless days, how we are always on the side and seeing everything, how we mature in difficult times together, how we can reach this point. All those moments are precious to me, and those wonderful moments I can never forget "

"And after 10 years, we begin to understand and appreciate through many conversations so that we may have different wishes for each other's future. Although we may be together in a different way than before, the belief that we will be comforting each other has not changed. After much thought, I have concluded that I will stand alone. I feel the need to create a new challenge in my life, and I have to make a decision to challenge myself. "

"Now I'm starting a new challenge as a singer, actress, and Seo Ju Hyun. However, I will always try my best to deal with unpleasant things when needed as part of SNSD in the future, and I will forever support and be with SNSD. Even though I feel uncomfortable with SNSD in the future, leave my house and start things better, I'll be responsible for the decisions I've taken after thinking about them."

"I sincerely thank countless fans and thank me once again for believing in me and giving me so much love. I will show you Seo Ju Hyun who always does his best to be an artist, actress, and reliable person on your side and can be your proud, " she wrote. (

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