'I Got A Boy' Become SNSD's First Music Video That Reached 200 Million Views
SNSD finally entered the ranks of K-Pop idol who has a music video with 200 million viewers. Released in January 2013, now on November 3rd, 2017 'I Got A Boy' has gained more than 200 million views.

'I Got A Boy' is one of SNSD's most popular music videos, which even won the 'Video of the Year' award from Youtube Music Awards in 2013.

This song also managed to master the South Korean music charts since its release, and get a trophy in the music program three weeks in a row.

In addition to SNSD, a series of K-Pop artists that have music videos with a total audience of over 200 million views are PSY, Big Bang, TWICE, Black Pink and Bangtan Boys.

SNSD also became the first SM Entertainment artist to get the number of views. (www.onkpop.com)

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