'Revolutionary Love' Rating is Down, Super Junior's Siwon Asked to Leave
 The controversy involving Super Junior's Siwon gave a bad influence on his drama. Super Junior's Siwon has drawn a lot of criticism from Korean netizens, after her pet dog bites people and causes her to die.

Especially after the CCTV video footage in Siwon's residence apartment revealed up to the recognition of Leeteuk who calls himself once bitten by the dog, making it a rain of increasingly unavoidable criticism.

As a result, the latest drama 'Revolutionary Love' starring Siwon alongside Kang Sora suffered a rating slump of up to 2% on the latest episode.

In response to the drama rating downgrade, netizens on the Naver website have their respective comments,

"It is undeniable that now I see it with a negative view,"

"Pity the other 'Revolutionary Love' drama star, he's really a big trouble-maker,"

"Every time I see his face, all I can think about is his dog. Imagine how the fear fears the victim. When the elevator doors open and there are dogs that bite your legs, then die a few days later, "

"Before I really enjoyed this drama, but I will not watch it again,"

"It's not too late to replace it with another actor," comments the netizen who asked that Siwon leave the drama. (www.onkpop.com)

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