'MelOn Music Awards 2017' Only Give Seats To This Five Fandom, Netizen Mad
'MelOn Music Awards 2017' get a lot of criticism from netizens after revealing their seatplan. Fans have recently realized that 'MelOn Music Awards 2017' has set and provides seats for five group fandom boys.

The five boy groups are WINNER, HIGHLIGHT, EXO, BtoB and Wanna One. Almost half of the seats have been occupied by the five fandom, so the other half seats will be shared by many other idol fans.

This of course makes many fans feel unhappy,  MelOn only provide a special seat for fans of boy groups and there is absolutely no special seat for fans of girl groups.

Various comments of netizen criticism on the Pann site,

"ARMY get the worst treatment, hahaha. We will all be given a seat of recommendation. In other words they want to occupy us anywhere, "

"If they want to be like that, we all know which fandom will come in large numbers,"

"All ARMY will get a seat of recommendation, hahaha,"

"It's not bad that if ARMY get a recommendation seat, they want us all to fill that seat,"

"So the biggest fandom are all on the 4th floor? While they are on the 4th floor, we can all be near the stage, hahaha, "another comment.

While 'MelOn Music Awards 2017' will be held on December 2nd, located at Gocheok Sky Dome. Prior to this award ceremony has announced the list of nominees and open voting on the official website. (www.onkpop.com)

'MelOn Music Awards 2017' Only Give Seats To This Five Fandom, Netizen Mad

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