Han Seo Hee Explains the Reason She Hates EXO-L
Han Seo Hee explains why she hates EXO fans or called EXO-L. This was revealed by trainees involved in the T.O.P marijuana case through his personal Instagram account on Tuesday (03/10).

She writes, "Why do I hate EXO-L? Why do I keep calling EXO-L, who does not do anything to me? So who's trying to bury a woman by inciting and politicizing in the community? Who are thousands of people, no, but tens of thousands of people who create rumors and cursed, criticize, and make fun of me? Now you are acting like a victim? The victims are me and the people who support me."

In a live streaming event Instagram before Han Seo Hee had made a lot of EXO fans disappointed to mention them with a mocking word. Although afterwards Han Seo Hee later revealed an apology. (www.onkpop.com)

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