BTS Breaks the Wonder Girls' Record on Billboard Chart, Here's the Korean Netizens' Reaction
How did the Korean netizen react after knowing Bangtan Boys story set a new record on the Billboard website? As previously reported, Bangtan Boys' 'DNA' has now rocketed to 67 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.

The ranking beat the record previously held by Wonder Girls with their song entitled 'Nobody' in 2009 ago, who managed to occupy the 76th.

In response to the record obtained by this boy group BigHit Entertainment, Korean netizens on the site Nate provide comments such as,

"Wonder Girls record is actually achieved because they sell CDs at very cheap prices, it is an embarrassing record. While Bangtan Boys get this record through points on iTunes, Youtube and radio, so they can climb from sequence 85 to order 67, "

"We can't admit that they are popular now. At least they do not use cheap strategies like Wonder Girls in the past, "

"Hot 100? Not just the World Chart? I often hear that Bangtan Boys is so popular now, but I didn't expect their popularity so far. It also certainly beats the record of all boy groups, "

"Incredibly, they deserve to be praised,"

"It's really great and I feel so proud," another comment said. (

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