EXO Baekhyun Does not Want People Looked Negative K-Pop Idol and Fan
EXO Baekhyun talks about the general public's view of K-Pop idol and also his fans. In the latest episode of 'Party People' hosted by JYP Entertainment, EXO was present as a guest that night. 

While chatting, the EXO member said, "If you claim to be idols, there are still many people who have negative views."
"Same with fans too. Apparently there are still many people who distinguish the fans with the question, 'Are you a fan of musicians or idols?' People who love idols are always regarded as bbasooni (a term to mention fanatical fans). To be honest, do not discriminate between fans like that. For us EXO, it becomes a question of 'how can we get past this wall?' "
Hearing his confession, JYP Entertainment boss then said, "Your popularity has turned into a confession. Changing that is not easy. That is something very difficult to achieve. It can not only be achieved with talent alone, but you also have to change everyone's view. "

Baekhyun again added, "I believe in my members and myself. If we had a reliable fan, would not that be possible someday? " Xiumin said," EXO's rival is EXO in the previous year. "

Park Jin Young's last compliment, "You all have a good heart. That's the only phrase I can think of right now. With the teamwork and mindset you have, I think it's entirely possible to happen, "he added. (www.onkpop.com)

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