Lee Jong Suk feels pounding in a romantic acting scene with Suzy
Lee Jong Suk claimed to have pounded while playing a romantic scene with Suzy Miss A in the latest drama. Both stars are handsome and beautiful is indeed appointed as the main actor in the latest drama titled 'While You Were Sleeping'.

In a press conference for the drama that was held on Friday (22/09), Suzy said, 
"This time we do not have to think about the ratings, so I'm happy shooting. Jong Suk oppa really looked after me and gave me directions, so I think we work well together. I'm glad we could meet on a good project. It was a valuable lesson for me. "
 While Lee Jong Suk said,
 "As you know, Suzy is very beautiful. There are some romantic scenes, and my heart is pounding. I can also shoot in good condition. As the filming location is filled with my comrades, the environment is so comfortable and warm. "
The drama 'While You Were Sleeping' is scheduled to air on September 27th.
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