FeelDog Unveils his beloved Call for Bora
FeelDog for the first time talks about lovers, Bora, on the screen. This was revealed by the idol when the BIGSTAR member was present in the program 'Ranking 1,2,3' on Friday (22/09).

In this program there is a couple who are present as guests. FeelDog was then asked about his relationship with the former SISTAR personnel, who had just confirmed in June. When asked what was the unfortunate call to Bora when speaking over the phone, FeelDog shyly replied, "Just noona," she replied.

In addition to revealing the call unfortunately, in this program FeelDog also demonstrated his ability in the Taekwondo martial arts. "I practiced Taekwondo until I was in junior high school. Right now I have a third-rate black belt. "

FeelDog and Bora themselves began to show feelings to each other when they both starred in 'Hit The Stage' program.
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