BTS cant Believe will be sign in Hot 100 Chart' Billboard
Bangtan Boys member admitted to not believing their song could be included in the most popular chart on the Billboard website. Some time ago for the first time Bangtan Boys get into the 'Hot 100 Chart' on Billboard with their song entitled 'DNA'.

Getting that achievement, Rap Monster said, "This is a great honor as an artist, and I am very happy and proud because it is a Korean song. I think this will remain a precious memory for the rest of my life. "

The leader continued, "I want to think of this as a gift from ARMY to ARMY back, and want to give them an unlimited respect. Love yourself, and love myself. "

J-Hope added, "I'm not sure if this is real or just a dream. Since it's a chart I've always seen, I can not believe it when I see our name on it. "

Jungkook's turn, "First of all, I can not believe our dreams come true because of ranking. It is a great honor for us and our dreams continue to grow, all thanks to the fans. "

Jin, "I want to dedicate this to the ARMY's all over the world. I'm always grateful to ARMY. "

V also claimed to not believe even though they previously said that their dream is to get into the chart. So also with Suga and Jimin who claim not to believe and thank the fans. (
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