BLACKPINK's Rose is Rumored Signed a Contract With a Famous Record Label From the United States
After officially joining The Black Label and confirming it herself through her latest Instagram post. Many fans of BLACKPINK's Rose are curious about where the idol will produce her solo music.

This topic emerged among fans because of the emphasis on the word "management" in recent Instagram posts, private messages in fan chat groups, and interviews at the airport which suggested that Rose's current agency, The Black Label, only manages her personal activities.

Many Rose fans speculate that the idol has signed a contract with a famous record label from the United States.

There are even rumors that Rose will soon announce a deal with Atlantic Records, a major record label from the United States with famous artists such as Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, and Cardi B.

Recently, an OP shared a number of pieces of evidence that support this rumor, including Drew Chekas Maniscalco, who is the Vice President of Streaming and Sales at Atlantic Records, who is known to have shared Rose's post confirming his recent contract with The Black Label.

Apart from that, top executives such as Kevin Weaver who is President of Atlantic Records, Michael Kyser, President of Black Music, and Grace Kim James, Marketing Director, are also seen following Rose on her official Instagram.

Several important staff from Atlantic Records were also seen following and liking Rose's posts on her official Instagram account. An important detail that convinced fans about Rose signing with Atlantic Records was international singer Bruno Mars liking a recent Instagram post from BLACKPINK's Rose.

Even though he doesn't follow her on Instagram, Bruno Mars' actions certainly raise suspicion and big question marks among Rose fans. 

The collaboration between Rose and Atlantic Records will certainly have an impact on Rose's solo music which will be produced to a high professional standard and international reach. (

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