Replacing Lee Soo Man's Position, HYBE Officially Becomes SM Entertainment's Biggest Shareholder!
Another big step was taken by HYBE LABELS regarding SM Entertainment shares. Previously it was reported that HYBE LABELS was considering buying SM Entertainment shares. Until today, February 10th, 2023, shocking news emerged that HYBE LABELS had officially purchased SM Entertainment shares.

It is known that HYBE LABELS has acquired 14.8% of SM Entertainment's shares. The shares were taken over by HYBE LABELS after officially purchasing from Lee Soo Man as the founder and largest shareholder of SM Entertainment.

Previously, Lee Soo Man became the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment at 18.46%. HYBE LABELS itself has poured out 422.8 billion KRW to buy SM Entertainment shares from Lee Soo Man.

Meanwhile, Kakao is now the second largest shareholder of SM Entertainment, which Lee Soo Man disputes because it is considered an illegal act. It is also known that HYBE LABELS will buy small shares of SM Entertainment, increasing their ownership of the company. (

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