NewJeans, IU and Lim Young Woong Become the Most Popular Ad Stars in Korea in January 2023!
Various popular celebrities in South Korea, NewJeans, IU and Lim Young Woong became the most popular advertisement stars this month. On Saturday, January 28th, the Korean Business Research Institute released the results of their research for advertising stars in South Korea.

The research results were determined based on data collected from December 28th, 2022 to January 28th, 2023. NewJeans managed to top the first place this month after obtaining a data sheet of 2,704,823 points.

IU then followed in second place after gaining a total of 2,313,331 points and Lim Young Woong was in third place with 2,128,000 points. BTS and BLACKPINK then followed in fourth and fifth respectively with a total of 1,551,611 and 1,526,317 points.

Apart from the names above, you can see the following list of the most popular advertising stars in January 2023!

1. NewJeans
2. IU
3. Lim Young Woong
4. BTS
6. Son Heung Min
7. IVE
8.Yoo Jae Suk
9. Son Suk Ku
10. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo
11. Kim Yuna
12. Baek Jong Won
13. Hyunbin
15. Kim Go Eun
17. Lee Byung Hun
18. aespa
19. Park EunBin
20. Kang Daniel
21. Song Ga In
22.Park Bo Gum
23. Jang Yoon Jung
24. SNSD's Taeyeon
25. Kim Jong Kook
26. SNSD's Yoona
27. PSY
28. Ma Dong Suk
29.Kim Hye Soo
30. Shin Dong Yup 
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