Rosé BLACKPINK is rumored to be dating the CEO of Spotify, here's the reaction of netizens


The closeness between a member of BLACKPINK and a Spotify official drew attention, which led to a discussion in one of the community forums.Not long ago a thread surfaced with the headline “Is Rosé dating the CEO of Spotify?” on Pann Nate, discussing the closeness of the BLACKPINK members with Jeremy Erlich, Head of Music Strategy from Spotify.

Through this thread, various photos and GIFs were uploaded featuring Rosé BLACKPINK and Jeremy who were seen doing activities together several times.

Responding to these rumors, various comments were made by netizens through related threads.

Seeing that there's been a lot of talk about these two, this is getting suspicious."

"They look good, If they are really dating, I will support it",

“BLACKPINK is close to the global head of Spotify, in which she is also close to many artists. Also, people think what bad things did BLACKPINK do for their success because they are female singers? It's 2022 and they still underestimate women's success, stop it, you look stupid.

"But is there a reason they shouldn't be dating?"

"This is an absurd rumour",

"A photo of his (Jeremy) hand on Rosé's waist, overseas, it's a way for older people to show affection for younger ones, there's nothing strange about seeing that and taking it as a sign of courtship, that's normal,"
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