Here are The Idol Groups That Were Voted Rookie of the Year by 33 CEOs of South Korea!
In 2022, not a few idol groups are making their debut, enlivening the world of South Korean entertainment with talented young souls.

The debut of these idols is of course not only a concern for music lovers, but also experts in the entertainment industry. They are officials from well-known South Korean agencies such as JYP Entertainment, KQ Entertainment, JellyFish Entertainment, KONNECT, and many more.

Through a survey conducted by News1, the CEOs were asked to choose 2 teams, to find the Rookie of the Year version of the experts in the K-Pop world.

The girl group made by ADOR, NewJeans occupies the first position with a total of 29 votes. Experts believe that the different promotion methods and unique image of the MZ generation are the attractions of this girl group consisting of Danielle, Hyein, Minji, Haerin and Hanni.

While in second place was filled by IVE with 21 votes, then LE SSERAFIM with 10 votes, and ATBO, NMIXX, and TEMPEST each with 1 vote.

The voting results also received attention from South Korean netizens, making various comments through the Theqoo community forum. 

"NewJeans is such a surprise",

"Even NewJeans debuted late, but their results were the most surprising",

"Of the three groups, NewJeans has the most 'rookie' image",

"Since their debut, they've been very popular,"
and various other comments.

Do you also agree with the results of the voting for Rookie of the Year by the CEOs? (

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