Source Music Starts Countdown,  4 Other Members of Sakura-Chaewon Girl Group 'Revealed'?
The newest girl group that will soon debut under Source Music and HYBE has again revealed the background of the other members. Previously, fans had been shocked by the release of Source Music's countdown teaser featuring 'IM FEARLESS' and the countdown to the debut of their newest girl group.

In addition to members Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chaewon who are former members of the girl group project IZ*ONE, it turns out that there are also 4 other members who will join the girl group, reported by Star News.

Heo Yunjin, another member who will join Sakura and Chaewon, is a graduate of the Produce 48 program who occupies position 26. In addition, there were also two former trainees from Source Music who briefly appeared in public. While the sixth member is a trainee who was recruited directly by the president of Source Music, So Sung Jin, who is a girl from the Netherlands.

Previously, there was also an allegation that Source Music x HYBE's newest girl group would have the name LESSERAFIM, an anagram or pun from 'IM FEARLESS', expected to debut in May.

Are you looking forward to welcoming this newest girl group? (

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