On Behalf of BTS, HYBE Will Take Legal Steps For ARMY COIN Cryptocurrencies
Recently, a cryptocurrency appeared under the name ARMY COIN and used BTS photos to promote its products. Responding to this, on October 28th, 2021, HYBE as a company said that they would take legal action against the problem.

The following is a full statement from HYBE regarding the ARMY COIN cryptocurrency on behalf of BTS.

“Hello, this is HYBE.

Today, we received information that a cryptocurrency called ARMY COIN has been listed on the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitget.

The agency has no dealing with this cryptocurrency and registered without discussion with us. Furthermore, BTS photos were used to promote this cryptocurrency without permission from Big Hit Music.

We are investigating legal violations in this case, including cryptocurrency infringement of our artist's portrait rights without permission from or discussion with the agency. We will take legal action against all violations and violations.

Currently, we have confirmed that the cryptocurrency has shared false information with traders in group chats such as, 'This is made for BTS' and 'This is there to maximize BTS profits.' We ask that everyone be careful not to become a victim. If you have been a financial victim, please notify the nearest police or investigative agency immediately.”
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