Being an MC on 'Music Bank', Jang Wonyoung Reaps Korean Netizens' Praise
Jang Wonyoung reaped a lot of praise from South Korean netizens after becoming an MC on the 'Music Bank' program. As fans know, last Friday (10/08) Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN's Sunghoon became MCs for the 'Music Bank' program for the first time.

Even though it was the first time that he was an MC on a music show, Jang Won Young showed her outstanding ability when hosting and interviewing the performing artists.

Seeing Jang Wonyoung's ability, South Korean netizens immediately gave her various praise comments:

“Jang Wonyoung hosted the show very well. She wasn't nervous at all and she didn't make any mistakes either. She did so well that I couldn't see any gaps."

"She's so beautiful,"

"I can't really comment negatively on her ability as an MC. And the visuals really shine when they appear on stage. Sunghoon is also very handsome and hosts the show well."

“When promoting with IZ*ONE, even when the Japanese MC said strange things, she was able to respond well. It seems that she was born with a talent for speech. I'm so jealous,"

“Seriously, what would she do if he wasn't a celebrity? She was destined to be a celebrity from birth," and there were many other complimenting comments. (

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