SECRET NUMBER Rumored To Add Two New Members
Recently there was a rumor stating that SECRET NUMBER will be adding members. A prediction account on Twitter shocked fans after writing a prediction that there would be one SECRET NUMBER member leaving and the addition of two new members.

The post was uploaded by this prediction account on September 28th, and now on September 30th, VINE Entertainment announced that Denise will not be participating in SECRET NUMBER's upcoming comeback.

After receiving an official announcement from the VINE Entertainment agency, the predictive Twitter account again tweeted, "Now just waiting for the news about the two new members."

After the first prediction was proven, fans are now increasingly convinced that VINE Entertainment will indeed add two new members to the group, so that SECRET NUMBER will have a total of 6 members.

Even so, until now VINE Entertainment has not announced that Denise will leave the SECRET NUMBER girl group. What do you think about this prediction? (

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