The Suspected Victim of ITZY Lia's Bullying Rumor Again Releases The Latest Statement
Rumors of bullying allegedly carried out by ITZY's Lia again reaped attention after one of the alleged victims uploaded a new post on the discussion forum. After previously being declared innocent, the alleged victim 'B' again provided an update today by saying that JYP Entertainment is currently gathering information about Lia's attitude in middle school.

"Initially, I didn't know 'A' who wrote the first accusation post. However, I got to know 'A' through recent events and got in touch with them. During my police investigation, investigators suggested that I collect as many witness testimonies from former classmates and friends as possible and submit them for the case.

I was able to receive evicende from a friend who was also a victim, as well as another friend who was present during the incident. After I submitted my evidence, the police cleared my case and I received an email, declaring that I was 'not guilty'.

On June 17th, 'A' contacted the investigator in charge of these cases and was told that JYPE had not submitted a request for a re-investigation of these two cases.

On June 16th, I received a call from a former school friend. They told me that ITZY's current manager was in contact with a former classmate who graduated from Shin Song Middle School, asking, 'What was Choi Ji Soo like in middle school?'.

It seems that Lia's cousin, who is also a Shin Song graduate, is also in contact with her former classmate regarding this matter.

Another friend also called me on June 18th, and they told me that they gave JYP Entertainment their contact information to another friend who might know about the situation better.

The friend next spoke with a JYP‎ Entertainment representative. In addition, on June 18th, 'A' received news that Lia's legal representative had asked to meet with the two of us. However, 'A' refused to meet the legal representative unless Lia was also present in person.

On June 21st, JYP Entertainment's deputy head of artist sector #2 asked to meet with me and 'A'. The deputy head refused 'A's request to meet Lia in person, and repeatedly stated that the JYPE legal team wanted to meet with us, but without Lia's presence.
Believing that negotiating with the legal team is stressful and futile, 'A' has since avoided contacting JYPE again. I am also writing this post after receiving permission from 'A' and experiencing extreme stress over this ongoing situation.”‎

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