BTS Still Tops The Most Popular Singer List For July 2021!
On July 24th, 2021, the Korean Business Research Institute released the list for the most popular South Korean singers for July. Through data collected from June 24th to July 24th, 2021, there was a significant increase in the overall score, which last June was at 127,167,251, an increase of about 14.17% for this month, which was 145,185,245.

Through this data, BTS is back as the singer who dominates the monthly list. BTS won 13,919,443 points, which is 7.57% higher than the previous month.

Meanwhile, Im Young Woong, the famous South Korean trot singer, was in 2nd place with a total of 13,496,632 points, up 16.09%. Meanwhile, aespa, which is in third place, step down 19.08% with 6,373,217 points for the month.

You can also see the full list below:

1. BTS
2. Im Young Woong
3. aespa
4. Brave Girls
5. Lee Chan Won
7. IU
9. Red Vlever's Joy
10. NCT
11. EXO
12. Yeong Tak
14. Lee Moo Jin
16. Wonstein
18. SGWannabe
19. Na Hoon A
20. Oh My Girl
21. Kang Daniel
22. Jung Dong Won
23. Lee Seung Yoon
24. Lee Seung Gi
25. Taeyeon
26. Kim Hwi Jae
28. Red Velvet
29. Na Eol
30. Sung Si Kyung

Congratulations to the singers who achieved the highest brand reputation scores for the month of July 2021! (

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