Brave Girls Fans Disappointed, Brave Entertainment President Releases Apology
Recently, the agency of Brave Girls, Brave Entertainment, has received various criticisms from fans in various ways. Previously, the quality of the special Brave Girls merchandise released by the agency was claimed by fans to be of poor quality, ranging from soju glass sets to mini standees, with prices that were too high.

It is also known that there are attitudes and actions of the Brave Girls fan manager who are considered to have abused his position.

Due to the many complaints from fans, the president of Brave Entertainment, Lee Jong Hwa, released an apology and a lengthy explanation through Brave Entertainment's official Twitter. Through this statement, president Lee Jong Hwa decided to refund fans for the purchased merchandise by contacting individual buyers directly.

The troubled fan manager has also submitted a letter of resignation, and which has now been replaced with a new manager who is getting more attention for special training as a fan manager. Through the long letter, Lee Jong Hwa also repeatedly expressed his sincere apologies to Brave Girls fans. (
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