Source Music Apologizes About GFRIEND's Sudden Disbandment
Source Music's agency conveyed their apologies for the sudden disbandment of GFRIEND. After the agency announced the end of their contract with GFRIEND, recently GFRIEND members have confirmed their disbandment through a letter they released.

Now in its latest statement, Source Music's agency stated:

"Hello. This is Source Music. First and foremost, allow us to express our regret for causing concern to all fans with the sudden announcement of the end of our artist contract. We would like to once again thank all the fans who have expressed their boundless love for GFRIEND."

“We are aware of the concerns and requests made by fans regarding GFRIEND's content management plans after our company's exclusive artist contract expires. We go to great lengths to make sure that we can solve this problem as best we can. Although there hasn't been enough time after the decision to resolve all the details regarding this matter, we would like to provide an overview of what has been decided to help you continue your experience with GFRIEND's content and services. "

“GFRIEND's official social media, fancafe, and Weverse will stillopen with content available for access. However, some functions such as writing new posts will be suspended for a period of time. As the functions and services differ for each platform, please refer to the more detailed notices that will be available on each platform. You will be able to access this content in the future whenever you want to recall good memories with GFRIEND.”

“If your current BUDDY Membership is still valid, refunds can be issued according to the Weverse Membership refund guidelines. However, it may take a while before you can receive a refund as we are still preparing detailed steps. We ask for your understanding, and we will provide detailed instructions for the refund process as soon as possible."

“The fan sign event '回: LABYRINTH', which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been canceled. Refunds will be issued to those selected for the fan sign event according to separate criteria. The event organizer (Kakao Entertainment) will contact those selected for the event individually regarding the process, and we will work closely with the organizers to ensure everyone can be contacted on time. Please contact the event organizer (Record Distribution Team: 02-2280-7890) if you have additional questions. We would like to once again apologize to everyone who has waited patiently for the fan sign event.”

“Other GFRIEND IP related services such as HYBE INSIGHT and SuperStar GFRIEND will continue until they end according to separate schedules. This schedule will be available from the respective service providers. Please refer to announcements from related websites and social media."

“We are very much aware of the difficulty and confusion this sudden news has brought to many people. Both the artist and the agency worked until the very end of our discussion to bring you the news you have been waiting for, and we are very sorry that we were unable to deliver the results you hoped for."

“GFRIEND is pioneering a new generation of girl group music with various concepts, performances, and songs, and is loved by all fans who have witnessed their growth as artists. GFRIEND shines the most brilliantly as an artist and as a team when they are together as GFRIEND. We ask that you continue to give them love and support as the members begin to take the first steps on their new journey."

“Our company will continue to support the members to ensure that their first steps are met as expected, and we will continue to be on their side for their future endeavors. We will try hard to ensure that all fans can remember GFRIEND and stay by their side for as long as possible."

"Please allow us to express our sincere gratitude," concluded the agency.


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