This is a Leaked BTS Meal Menu that will be Available at McDonald's
Previously McDonald's had announced their collaboration menu with BTS which was named BTS Meal. Not long after the news was confirmed and made a scene, CNBC media gave a leak of the collaboration menu from BTS with McDonald's.

It is known that in 1 BTS Meal order package, there will be 10 typical Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's, 1 medium-sized fries, 1 medium-sized cola drink, chili sauce and cajun sauce (a sauce similar to one of South Korean chicken dishes).

"Collaborating with BTS is arguably McDonald's biggest advantage after the huge success of the J Balvin & Travis Scott collaboration" said CNBC media.

Meanwhile, McDonald's has also shared a list of 49 countries that will provide BTS Meal menus and announced menu release dates in those countries. (

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