Star Road Entertainment Explains JBJ95's Wrong Claims and Unreasonable Requests
The dispute between Star Road Entertainment and JBJ95 heated up to the point of claiming objections to each other.

As we know, JBJ95 some time ago requested a unilateral contract termination with their agency Star Road Entertainment by claiming several objections, including the agency's failure to support the activities of the duo group consisting of Kim Sang Kyun and Takada Kenta.

Kim Sang Kyun, who is under two joint agencies, Star Road and Hunus, submitted a request for contract termination with the two agencies.

In their request, JBJ95 accused Star Road of stopping their vocal and foreign language lessons after December 2020. They also stated that they had no schedule since December 2020 on the grounds that the agency had failed to maintain their contract.

JBJ95 million claims that most of the agency staff have left the company due to unpaid wages and the group was asked to move out of their dorms. After hearing the claim from JBJ95, Star Road later clarified that this was not true. The agency stated they could prove they did not violate any part of the exclusive contract.

The agency also explained that they did ask JBJ95 members to move out of the dormitory due to financial difficulties, but suggested an alternative dormitory option. The agency further stated that there are still staff working at the agency with temporary salaries and learning vocals or foreign languages ​​is not considered a main requirement.

Furthermore, the agency blamed JBJ95 for their requests that were deemed unreasonable, such as asking for excessive allowances for meals and personal expenses, and also Kim Sang Kyung for asking the agency to pay for his tuition fees.

Star Road Entertainment acknowledged that they have clear records showing they have paid all JBJ95 members' earnings on a regular basis as they should. The agency is currently trying to contact the second legal representative to solve the problem. (

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