SHINee's Taemin Announces His Military Enlistment
SHINee's Taemin has finally announced his mandatory military enlistment date to fans. After previously giving a signal, Taemin is now clearly announcing the date of enlisting for military service through a live VLive broadcast to fans.

In the live broadcast, Taemin said, “There's more than a month left, so I don't want to spend it sad. I want to tell you in my own words directly. "

“I'll be doing Beyond LIVE [concert] on May 2nd. My solo album will be out in the second or third week of May. The album schedule has not been confirmed, but I will be able to put on one last show and brilliant music."

SHINee recently released their latest repackage album 'Atlantis' and are currently promoting their comeback on various music programs, following the group's previous comeback with the song 'Don't Call Me'. (

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