Police Reveal The Identity of The Suspect of The Viral Murder of a Mother and Two Daughters in Korea
South Korea in recent days has been shocked by the brutal murder of a mother and two children by a 24-year-old young suspect. After a thorough investigation, the police have now named a 24-year-old young man (born in 1996), Kim Tae Hyun, as a suspect in a brutal murder case, in which a mother and two children were victims.

Kim Tae Hyun carried out his murderous act by pretending to be a package delivery officer and entering a woman's house. He then killed a woman and her two daughters. He even had time to take beer out of the refrigerator and drink it at the scene of the heinous murder at that time.

The police released the complete photo and identity of this heinous murder with the help of all media in Korea because the killer's face could not be seen clearly because he was wearing a mask when he was brought from Nowon police station in Seoul.

From the results of the police investigation it was revealed that this murder was based on Kim Tae Hyun's rejected date by a woman (one of the daughters of the victim of his murder) whom he met through an online game in January 2021.

The day of the murder, March 23nd, 2021, Kim Tae Hyun was found to have entered the apartment at 5:30 p.m. KST, pretending to be a package delivery officer, and then first killed the youngest daughter (of the family) by stabbing her with a sharp weapon several times. He then killed the mother and eldest daughter in the same way when they both returned home.

Until now, the police are still doing psychological analysis to get Kim Tae Hyun's mental evaluation. (www.onkpop.com)

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