Ex-APRIL's Hyunjoo Sues DSP Media Staff Accusing Her of Lying
Ex-APRIL's Hyunjoo has reportedly sued a DSP Media agency staff who accused her of lying. The legal representative from Hyunjoo on Monday (04/26) stated that they had sued 'A', who previously claimed to be a former staff at the DSP Media agency.

These netizens previously claimed to have worked at DSP Media when Hyunjoo was still at APRIL. 'A' accused Hyunjoo of frequently skipping training because of meeting her boyfriend, frequently arguing with former leader Somin, and accusing her of threatening the agency with suicide.

Hyunjoo's side has sued her on charges of defamation, spreading false rumors and threats. Hyunjoo's attorney also admitted that he would take other legal actions related to the bullying that befell the former APRIL personnel. (www.onkpop.com)

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