DSP Media Releases a Statement After Hyunjoo, ex-APRIL, Talks About Her Bullying
DSP Media opened its voice regarding Hyunjoo's ex-APRIL statement on social media today. On Sunday (04/18) in the morning, Hyunjoo surprised the public with her appearance and recognition on social media regarding the issue of bullying she experienced during her career with APRIL.

However, this was followed by two other APRIL members, Chaewon and Yena, who also opened up about their version of the truth. This time, DSP Media as the agency of Chaewon and Yena as well as Hyunjoo's former agency also intervened in giving a statement regarding the factual claim of Hyunjoo's version of bullying on social media.
"Hello, this is DSP Media.
This is our label statement regarding today's SNS Hyunjoo post. The post is completely one-sided and is not an objective truth. It's just a false statement.
Hyunjoo left APRIL five years ago, but she and her family and friends have irresponsibly corrupted APRIL members and the label. The members and the label have received emotional harm as well as true harm.
The members wanted to reveal the truth and be acquitted of false accusations, but we were worried that it would only be a repeat of irresponsible subjective statements and the problem would be resolved, so we wanted to reveal the objective truth through a rigorous legal investigation.
The truth will be revealed through the ongoing investigation. Once again we apologize for the disturbance that occurred. "
Let's wait for the latest news on the bullying issue of Hyunjoo and other APRIL members. (www.onkpop.com)

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