After EXID's Hani, Now Kim Min Kyu Ex X1 is Also Targeted to Join The New Drama 'Idol'
Kim Min Kyu was recently known to have received an offer to join the cast of the drama 'Idol'. On April 4th, JTBC's new drama 'Idol' by director No Jong Chan and screenwriter Jung Yoon Jung was reported to have made a role offer for Kim Min Kyu, former boy group of 'Produce X 101' X1.

Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed this news by saying, "Kim Min Kyu has received an offer from JTBC's 'Idol' and is currently reviewing the script."

If this offer is accepted, it will be Kim Min Kyu's first appearance on the TV as an actor after making his acting debut in the web drama 'Pop Out Boys!'. Previously the drama 'Idol' had made an offer to EXID's Hani to act in this drama, but she is also reviewing the script. (

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