SHINee's Taemin Hints to Immediately Enlist When Greet Fans on V Live?
SHINee's Taemin recently greeted fans through a live broadcast, but it caused many fans to wonder. On March 29th, the SHINee member did a live broadcast titled 'TAEMIN IS BACK' by himself through the V Live application, a few days before the online concert 'Beyond Live - SHINee World' will be held on April 4th.

In this video Taemin is seen greeting fans while in the car and in a pretty dark condition. He said, “You miss me a lot, right? You miss me every day. I think this summer will be fine for you. Because if I'm with you, it will be so warm. But this summer will just be warm… Maybe it's better that I'm not with you guys.”

The 'IDEA' singer continued, “Enjoy as much as you can. Look at me and love me very much. Aiya. I wonder if I shouldn't say this after appearing after a long time, but I just wanted to tell everyone first. If I were in your position, I wouldn't like it, so I wanted to let you know first. Smile."

Listening to Taemin's words, many fans assumed that the singer would be carrying out his mandatory military service in the near future, considering his age, which obliged him to immediately enlist for a long time in the military. (
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