Red Velvet's Wendy Will Present Duet Song with Seulgi on Solo Debut Album 'Like Water'
In the midst of waiting for Red Velvet's Wendy solo debut, shocking and encouraging news emerged when Seulgi was confirmed as a duet partner for one of the songs. As is known, Wendy is scheduled to debut solo with album 'Like Water'. Among the songs on the album, the song titled 'Best Friend' is said to be featuring a collaboration between Wendy and Seulgi.

The song 'Best Friend' is a b-side track described as a slow tempo ballad, telling about showing gratitude to friends and promising an unchanging friendship. This song is highly anticipated by fans, considering that both of them are Red Velvet members who have strong vocals and are also friends of the same age.

Meanwhile, various well-known SM songwriters and producers such as Yoo Young Jin, Kenzie, minGtion, and Coach & Sendo have contributed to producing songs on Wendy's solo debut album.

'Like Water' is scheduled to be released on April 5th, 2021 at 6 p.m. KST. (

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