Making The Disbandment of IZ*ONE a Joke, Jang Sung Kyu Reaps Criticism
Presenter Jang Sung Kyu drew criticism after making the disbandment of IZ*ONE a joke. This statement was made by Jang Sung Kyu when he delivered the radio program 'Good Morning FM' on Wednesday morning (03/17).

Through the radio broadcast, Jang Sung Kyu played songs from Daft Punk and also the girl group IZ*ONE. After playing songs from both groups, Jang Sung Kyu then said, "What do Daft Punk and IZ*ONE have in common?" he then answered the question in a cheerful tone, "They both disbanded."

Jang Sung Kyu's statement immediately drew a lot of criticism from Korean netizens, as seen on theqoo forum:

"I'm going to boycott his YouTube channel"

“Disbandment is not a good thing for everyone. He was very careless when he said this"

"I know he was trying to be cheerful because it was a morning radio show, but still, I still can't believe how he almost sang when answering questions about the disbandment of the group" and many other critical comments. (

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