Actress Go Min Si Apologizes After Photos of Drinking at Bars While Young Spread Out
Go Min Si released her apology via personal SNS after a photo of her drinking at a bar with her friend broke. On March 19th, the past photo of the star of the drama 'Sweet Home' was spread on the internet and became a hot topic among South Korean netizens.

In the photo, a girl suspected of being Go Min Si is seen at a bar with her friends. It is known that the photo was uploaded in 2011, in which Go Min Si was 17 years old, and South Korea legalized individuals to consume alcohol when they were 20 years old.

Because of this, today, March 20th, 2021, Go Min Si also released an apology via her personal Instagram regarding her past attitude.

“Hello, this is Go Min Si.

First and foremost, I want to apologize for greeting you with such an unpleasant post, as well as for causing a disturbance with a photo of me drinking underage.

I believe that there are some of those who have comforted me who hope that in the photo it is not me, and those who prefer me admit this quickly. I also personally feel that it's not a good thing to let things like this pass, arguing that I'm young, I'm immature, and that's all in the past.

I am aware that some of you will be injured with inexplicable scars from this incident. I recognize that my past actions shape who I am today, and I take full responsibility for who I was in the past. Even if it is difficult to fully convey my sincerity through words alone, because words can rarely paint the whole picture, I still want to apologize to those who were hurt by the recent incident.

I will do my best to walk a more mature and righteous path."

Both South Korean and international fans gave their support to Go Min Si by saying that it was not a big problem and taking the mistakes of the past naturally. (

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