EVERGLOW's Yiren and Sihyeon Tested Positive for COVID-19
EVERGLOW's Yiren and Sihyeon were confirmed positive for the COVID-19 virus. This shocking news was announced directly by Yuehua Entertainment on Tuesday (12/01).

The agency said, "Our artist EVERGLOW's Yiren, has received a positive COVID-19 test result. She recently received notification that an acquaintance had contracted COVID-19, and had undergone tests as well. Her positive test result was confirmed on December 1st"

“All EVERGLOW members then underwent a test, because they live together. EVERGLOW member Sihyeon also tested positive, while the other four members tested negative."

"Artists, employees, and staff who are in direct contact with members have already tested and others are currently doing tests, and as soon as the results are out, we will take further action and carry out additional contact tracing if needed."

“Sihyeon and Yiren who tested positive will follow the guidelines set by the health authorities. Even though the remaining members have tested negative, they and the staff who have had direct contact with Sihyeon and Yiren will be self-quarantining for two weeks."

"We will actively cooperate with government policies to carry out company-wide sanitation measures in order to minimize the risk of further transmission and infection, and we will do our best to continue caring for our artists."

"We apologize for causing concern to everyone," concluded the agency.

Get well soon Yiren and Sihyeon! (www.onkpop.com)

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