Underwent Ankle Surgery, This is Kwon Sang Woo's Condition That Conveyed By His Wife
Son Tae Young gave fans an update on her husband Kwon Sang Woo's condition after surgery. On November 14th, Son Tae Young informed fans that Kwon Sang Woo's ankle surgery had gone according to plan.

She conveyed the news by uploading a photo on Instagram along with a message that reads, “Thank you to everyone for worrying about us, the surgery is going well. In fact, he had injured his ankle a long time ago."

“After that, whenever he made a film or drama, it was impossible to hold back because he refused the help of a stunt actor. It slowly got worse and in the end, it all appeared at once. Honey, I think it's time for you to start accepting other people's help."

She continued, “You know you have to take care of your health to play the desired role for a long time? Go for it! Hopefully your drama and filming will go well without any problems, and let's make a full recovery. Do a great job memorizing your line for 'Delayed Justice' too."

In other related news, Kwon Sang Woo is currently starring in the SBS drama 'Delayed Justice' alongside Bae Sung Woo, Kim Joo Hyun, and Jung Woong In. (www.onkpop.com)
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