List of K-Pop Boy Group Members' Brand Reputation in November 2020
The Korean Business Research Institute has returned with their research results for members of the K-Pop boy group. On Saturday (11/14), the Korean Business Research Institute released a brand reputation ranking for boy group members based on data collected from October 13th to November 13th.

From a total of 653 boy group members, BTS' Jimin returned to first place for 23 consecutive months with the data sheet in November reaching 5,192,015 points. Some of the keywords related to Jimin this month include 'Filter', 'ARMY' and also 'Innovator'.

Continuing in second place, there is ASTRO's Moonbin who this month is in 2nd place after getting 3,954,327 points, with a drastic increase of 257.28% from the previous month.

NCT's Jaehyun came in 3rd after getting a total score of 3,870,841 points, an increase of 32.53%.

Check out the full ranking below:

1. BTS Jimin
2. ASTRO Moonbin
3. NCT Jaehyun
4. BTS V
5. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo
6. EXO Kai
7. BTS Jungkook
9. BTS Jin
10. BTS Suga
11. NCT Doyoung
12. SHINee Taemin
13. NCT Taeyong
14. NCT Mark
15. BTS J-Hope
16. NCT Jungwoo
18. NCT Jaemin
19. TXT Soobin
20. TXT Yeonjun
21. NCT Jisung
22. NCT Haechan
23. TXT Taehyun
24. NCT Jeno
25. NCT Chenle
26. TXT Beomgyu
27. MONSTA X Minhyuk
28. EXO Baekhyun
30. AB6IX Lee Dae Hwi (

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