One Year Has Passed, Fans Admit That They Still Miss Former Member of f(x), Sulli
It's been one year since the death of former member and the visual of beloved girl group f(x), Sulli. Right on October 14, 2019, Sulli was found killed by suicide at her home in Gyeonggi Province and she was stated dead at a young age, which is twenty-five years.

This sudden tragic news of Sulli's death left her colleagues and fans in deep sorrow and shock as they mourned her death.

A year later, it seems that fans still miss the late Sulli as many of them have uploaded pictures or videos of the deceased on their social media, saying, “It's been one year. Time flies so fast.”, “I miss you” and many more.

Sulli debuted as a kids actress in an SBS drama in 2005. Later, she appeared in the K-pop music industry when she debuted with the girl group f(x) and she also restarted her career as an actress when she was in the group.

However, in 2014 Sulli was declared out of the group f(x), which was later caught dating Choiza, who is 13 years older than her.

MBC DocuPlex also recently released a documentary video of the late Sulli, which was later deleted due to controversy. Many people still miss Sulli to this day and hope she rest in peace. (

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