MONSTA X's Joohoney Looks Emotional in 'SMOKY' MV
MONSTA X's Joohoney has finally released his latest solo music video entitled 'SMOKY'. The music video for 'SMOKY' was officially released through Starship Entertainment's YouTube channel on Friday (10/09) at 12.00 KST.

“SMOKY” which is the title track of the new solo mixtape “PSYCHE” is also officially released today. Different from the previous mixtape songs, “SMOKY” is a rock hip hop song that is served with the lyrics and emotional vocals of Joohoney.

With the cinematic video and powerful music from Joohoney, making this music video is definitely worth watch.

Without further do, lets give your support to Joohoney by watching the following “SMOKY” music video! (

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