Found still a Fan of BTS, an ARMY in China Become a Victim of Persecution
In the middle of the controversy among Chinese netizens over BTS' statement, a post circulating on Weibo claimed that someone was allegedly attacked for being a BTS fan.

On October 13th, a post was made on Weibo, which included a photo taken of the conversation from WeChat revealing that a Chinese national who owned a BTS cellphone case had been persecuted.

The resident with the BTS cellphone casing reportedly suffered severe injuries in the face and broken legs so that the victim had to be hospitalized for a month. Although the news has not yet been confirmed, other netizens have commented on the post saying, "She deserves to be beaten because she still likes BTS".

The Chinese people's anger arose because previously, BTS had won the Van Fleet Award from the Korea Society for its contributions to South Korea and the United States.

During his acceptance speech, RM stated, “This 2020 Korea Society Gala means a lot to us as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. We will always remember the history of the pain these two countries shared and the sacrifices of many men and women."

However, the speech received a different response from Chinese netizens because during the war China was on the same side as North Korea and the Soviet Union against South Korean and US troops. (

Found still a Fan of BTS, an ARMY in China Become a Victim of Persecution

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