BTS' Jin Leaks New Season of 'Run BTS!'
After satisfied fans with "In The SOOP", BTS will return with a new season of their most anticipated variety show "Run BTS!". On October 16th, 2020, Jin gave a leak regarding the 'Run BTS!'. This was revealed by Jin when answering fan requests in the comments column.

“Please do an 'Run BTS!' episode where you read fans' compliments. I want to see Jin oppa's ears turn red!” a fan's comment.

The request was then answered by Jin by giving a leak, "We filmed 'Run BTS!' today, but the episode content has nothing to do with reading compliments."

As is well known, “Run BTS!” is a BTS variety show where they carry out various missions, challenges, games that will lead to rewards and punishments for the members.

This variety show series was started by the singer of "Dynamite" since 2015. Meanwhile, BTS is preparing to make a comeback with the full album "BE" which will be released in November. (

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