The Appeal for Termination of Contract with The Rose's Agency Has Denied by Court
The Rose's demand to terminate their exclusive contract with the agency has been rejected by the court. In February 2020 The Rose submitted a request for contract termination with the J&STAR Company.

The request for contract termination was filed by The Rose due to issues ranging from their schedule to unclear salary payments by the agency. At that time the agency denied the allegations and said that they would sue the members of The Rose.

Now on Monday (08/31) the agency J & STAR Company said, “In March this year, The Rose submitted a request for contract termination, including various reasons ranging from payment problems, broken trust in the agency, and breach of exclusive contracts. However, the court has rejected the request."

 "We are currently taking arbitration steps through the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. We are trying to resolve this issue in a kind manner,” the agency added.

The Rose themself has just released their latest song entitled 'Black Rose' on August 24th, 2020. (

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