Sulli's Friends Reveal Why She Had To Speak Up On Sulli's Family Lies
Sulli's friend, who claimed to have been friends with her for 15 years, with the initials 'A', explained why she had to speak up.

After Sulli's brother apologized, “A” explained why she felt she had to speak up after Sulli's documentary was released.

She said, "Sulli has already left, so we also feel guilty, but Sulli's brother used his younger sister status to talk to Sulli's fans, and her mother said things that we knew weren't true."

“I understand what my position is if I want to say something about her family. However, I hope you realize that I'm not guessing what happened just through some of the harshwords I heard from Sulli about her family."

Hopefully everything will be resolved peacefully and harmless to various parties. (


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