Some Netizens Doubt The Roles of The Two New Members of NCT, Sungchan and Shotaro
On September 22nd, NCT released the video for “YearParty” and introduced its two newest members, Sungchan and Shotaro. The two newest members are a hot topic among netizens on the online community and SNS platforms, discussing their position, skill level, training experience, and of course their visuals.

Many fans and anti-fans were against the idea of ​​NCT's unlimited member system, and also started attacking the new member with malicious comments, causing rifts in the online community and even among NCTzens.

Now, some fans have decided to remind other NCTzens not to judge the two members without knowing them. Several netizens commented, 

"Seriously, the trainees who were chosen to join the group were not wrong",

"Please if you are a fan, don't write bad things, just keep it to yourself",

"Now we all have to remember that Doyoung, Johnny, and Jungwoo, they all dealt with really bad nasty comments when they joined"
, and many more.

Meanwhile, NCT's first Japanese member, Shotaro, was born in 2000, and took the position of a dancer, while the new Korean member, Sungchan, born in 2001, has handsome visuals, high body proportions, and takes the position of a rapper. (

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