SM Entertainment Gives Announcement Regarding the Voting System for NCT 2020 Promotion
Recently, NCT fans expressed their disapproval of SM Entertainment's newest voting system for NCT 2020 promotions. Many fans are disappointed that this will cause only popular members to be selected to participate in group promotions, while less popular members may not have the chance to appear at all.

As the controversy regarding the voting system increased, SM Entertainment made a recent announcement regarding the voting system via NCT's Twitter account that read, 

“Dear fans who love NCT. We apologize for causing confusion and commotion over the voting program."

“We agreed with the fans' concerns over this project and decided to change the planning of the event. We decided to only hold a voting event for the project 'Want !: Chose what you want NCT to do for you'."

“This 24-member unit group will be selected by NCT ​​members through V Live broadcasts and will show new aspects of the members through various contents. We ask you to show a lot of interest and support for NCT 2020. Thank you."

Meanwhile, NCT 2020 will be releasing their comeback single titled 'From Home' on October 12th at 6 p.m. KST. (

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