Park Kyung Teases Fans With Good News After the Defamation Scandal
Park Kyung recently returned to his Instagram account after being involved in a defamation scandal. On September 22nd, Park Kyung uploaded a photo on Instagram with the caption, "What shooting am I doing right now?"

Through this post, the Block B member tries to tease fans with good news to come, where some fans suspect that the singer is preparing for a comeback.

Previously, Park Kyung had been asked to pay a fine of 5 million Won by the Seoul Metropolitan Court for his defamation case against several artists including VIBE and Song Haye.

Park Kyung previously accused the agencies of several artists including the two names above of doing Sajaegi so that artist's songs could rise and top the music charts, which was proven to be false.

Meanwhile, last time the singer made a comeback with the release of 'To love only once' in collaboration with J Rabbit in November 2019. (

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