Korean Netizens' Reactions After BTS Topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart
BTS has recently managed to make new history after ranking No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their new song "Dynamite".
After successfully ranking first on the chart, BTS immediately received many congratulations from various groups, including from president Moon Jae In to PSY.

Knowing this, Korean netizens immediately flocked to congratulate and praise BTS. Not a few Korean netizens also claim to be proud of their accomplishments. Korean netizens on the Naver site then write comments like:

“Exporting culture is 100 percent more influential than exporting products. BTS is the pride of all of us. We are a country that has BTS, something other countries like Japan and China really want,"

"But I am more proud of PSY. He could be in second place without a fandom, but all ages like the song,"

“I also feel very proud of them. Why do we have to send them for military service? They can help the country more if they don't enter military service,"

“I remember four years ago a friend of mine from Turkey asked me to send BTS-themed stuff. At that time I didn't know who BTS was, but now they are a group that is known all over the world. Congratulations!"

“Really proud of them. Congratulations BTS!"

"BTS is really, really amazing," and many other supportive comments. (www.onkpop.com)

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